EF Core DbContext Connection issue

Was working on .NET Core application using Entity Framework Core as ORM to database. The application consists of multiple DbContext, public / authorized RESTful API with JWT token authentication.

The request & response flow as below:

Request –> JWT Middleware to grab user object –> Authorization Filter to stop multiple login -> Touch Controller -> Repository -> Execute Query -> Response

Issue and Solution:

An exception occurred while **iterating over** the results of a query for context type. The connection is closed

Check the through LINQ / Lambda query, make sure that has no second query holds queryable object before current queryable object has execute into a list or released.

$One or more errors occurred. (A second operation started on this context before a previous operation completed. This is usually caused by **different threads** using the same instance of DbContext.

As we know EF Core does not support multiple parallel operations being run on the same DbContext instance

A few troubleshoots can carry out:

  • Reduce frontend API calls by consolidating similar API into a single / fewer endpoints
  • Make sure to await all async calls before continuing to use the context instance.
  • Register DbContext as transient service
  • Using IServiceScopeFactory for each thread