My Idea to LouHei.Sg

Few weeks ago, got to know the Ox Year (2021) will be a mask on and no shouting louhei / yusheng / lou sang celebration with friends and family due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Surely everyone will miss the louhei tossing plus shouting Huat Ah with their beloved friends and family.

My mind was thinking, why not we have a virtual yusheng tossing app that everyone can utilize during the celebration and guarantee we all follow the rules and regulations?

I started to present the idea to my boss and colleagues & designers.

They say: Go ahead with the idea!

And now, here is the site you should visit: Chinese Niu Year 2021! (LouHei)

Share it to your friends, family and everyone in your whatsapp contact and have fun together! Wish you a Happy Chinese New Year, a great Ox Year head.

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