Postman Integrate with Azure DevOps

Step 1

1.1 Create a collection

1.2 Add in a few new Requests

1.3 Write test cases for the Requests

1.4 Export Collection

Step 2

2.1 Create a new folder

2.2 Run npm init -y

2.3 Run npm install --save newman

2.4 Create a new file .gitignore

2.5 Ignore these folders in gitignore


2.6 Copy the exported collection in step 1.4 to root

2.7 Commit and push the repository

Step 3: Configure Azure DevOps

3.1 Create a new pipeline and reference source to the repository and branch of step 2

3.2 Source settings:

Clean: True
Clean options: Source

3.3 Create an Agent Job and select an Agent Pool

3.4 Add a NPM task

Command: install
Working directory: $(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)

3.5 Add a Command Line task

Script: "./node_modules/.bin/newman" run DevOps.postman_collection.json --reporters cli,junit --reporter-junit-export Results\junitReport.xml
(environment) Script: "./node_modules/.bin/newman" run DevOps.postman_collection.json -e myenv.postman_environment.json --reporters cli,junit --reporter-junit-export Results\junitReport.xml 
Working directory: $(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)
Continue on error: Yes

3.6 Add a Publish Result Task

Test result format: JUnit
Test results files: $(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)\Results\*.xml 
Search folder: $(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)
Upload test results files: Yes


Step 4: Run the pipeline

Step 5: Verify result

5.1 Tests tab will appear beside Summary tab