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Why ShareThis?

The reason of using ShareThis as AddThis has announced service termination end May onwards.

Hence, the team has decided to look for alternative solution and ShareThis caught our eyeballs.

Steps to setup

  1. Register an account via the onboarding

  2. Select one of the Sharing tools screen1

  3. In this example, we are choosing inline share buttons

  4. Customize your share buttons screen2

  5. Select Channels - Choose Buttons Manually and choose the social networks as share icons screen3

  6. Customize the settings, such as alignment, color, size, labels, counts, corners, extras and language screen4

  7. The sample we do have

    a/ Right alignment

    b/ Customized color for background and text color

    c/ Large size

    d/ No label, no counts, zero corners, no extra spacing

    e/ English language screen5

  8. Copy the code and paste to the html.

    a/ The ShareThis installation screen6

    b/ The buttons code screen7

  9. Ensure the Content Security Policy (CSP) has whitelisted:

    a/ script-src - platform-api.sharethis.com and buttons-config.sharethis.com

    b/ connect-src - l.sharethis.com

    c/ img-src - platform-cdn.sharethis.com

  10. Final result look