Sitefinity Custom Reset Password Widget

I built a custom reset password screen for Sitefinity!

Tested and running in V13.

Problems / Issues

Sitefinity does not come with a reset password screen.

(Actually Sitefinity does come with the reset password screen, checkout here)

Hence we have to build a custom widget + content type to support it.

All codes can be found in my snippets.

My Solution

  1. Modify and place the login.html to Sitefinity folder (Content/Pages/login.html)

  2. Create a custom module to hold request id and user id. This is to hold the temporary request id and user id for password reset verification. screen1

The content type structure screen2

Hide the content page from showing in navigation. (at backendpages) screen3

  1. Configure SMTP Profile. screen4

  2. Configure advanced setting

Configure Security/Membership Providers/Default/Parameters/enablePasswordRetrieval to true screen5

Configure Security/Membership Providers/Default/Parameters/enablePasswordReset to true screen6

  1. Add Custom Code to Global.asax.cs

  2. Setup a Forgot Password Page in Pages screen7

Select a default MVC Page screen8

Install the ForgotPassword widget screen9

  1. Reset password screen: screen10


Then receive password reset link in email


It will route to the change password screen



Then back to login screen to login and test the login.



My Code Snippets